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Friday, 06 January 2012 22:19

Celebrity Marriages

With celebrity divorces all over the news, it sometimes seems like marriage just doesn’t mean that much anymore. After all, Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries lasted just 72 days, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are splitting up after barely a year of marriage while Drew Barrymore is engaged for the third time, her first marriages having lasted 2 months and 5 months respectively.While it may be easy to obtain a divorce, the consequences of…
Everyone knows that divorce affects the children.  It is your role as parent to work through the issues in your divorce keeping the best interests of your children at the forefront of all discussions and negotiations.  This often is very difficult as emotions are raw. Many articles explain that children of divorced parents rebound better post-divorce when their parents have been able to work together to solve parenting issues.  Issues such as, where the child…
In her remarks, during the opening of the courts ceremony held on Tuesday September 13, 2011, Chief Justice of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Heather Smith, commented on the court’s commitment to effective and effective and accessible family proceedings.  The goal of the court has been to obtain comprehensive front-end support services for families at every single superior court location across the province. Ideally, those front-end services at each court site would include: an…
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